Misterio Shader Affinity Brushes

The Misterio brush set, with its inherent mystery, transforms the art creation process into a captivating journey. Each brush seems to tell a story — an enigma that gradually unveils itself with every stroke you make. With such a collection at your disposal, the realm of the unseen becomes an integral part of your creative landscape: you are not just making art; you are exploring the uncharted territories of the artistic universe.

The set includes 18 Affinity brushes, delivered in both pixel and vector versions. Each of them exhibits a unique personality, their strokes flowing like an encrypted message across the canvas. Accompanying them, a collection of 15 noise brushes serves to enhance the depth and realism of your artistry. Crafted to perfection, they stimulate a complex interplay of light and shadow. To complete the ensemble, 3 pressure brushes have been specifically tailored to provide optimal responsiveness, embodying the essence of a true brush stroke.

What’s inside?

  • 18 Affinity brushes (pixel & vector versions);

  • 15 noise brushes;

  • 3 pressure brushes;

  • help file.

With their enigmatic allure, these brushes invite you into a new realm of creativity. Encapsulating both the tangible and intangible, they embody the mysterious beauty of digital art.



  • Format AFBRUSHES
  • File size 10 MB
Standard License