144 Dithering Bitmap Vector Shapes

Unleash your imagination with these 144 versatile bitmap vector shapes that transport your projects to a realm of sci-fi wonder. Their futuristic allure adds an electrifying dimension to your designs, infusing them with a captivating, otherworldly essence. From pixelated abstract forms to digital geometric shapes, these elements breathe life into your creations, casting a spell of intrigue that's impossible to resist.

This collection is more than just a creative toolbox; it's a portal to a retro-futuristic world. With 144 meticulously designed elements at your fingertips, you'll conjure visions reminiscent of sci-fi classics, VHS nostalgia, and cyberpunk aesthetics. Each shape is available in individual PNG, SVG, and AI files, while comprehensive EPS and AI files gather all the elements into a unified, design-enhancing experience. Embrace the limitless possibilities this collection offers and step into the future of design!

What’s inside?
  • 144 elements;
  • individual PNG, SVG, AI files;
  • EPS, AI files.
This huge collection of vector shapes allows you to travel the pixelated universe, float through digital stars and explore abstract bitmap forms. Let it inspire you on your next creative journey!



  • Format AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, SVG
  • File size 605 MB
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