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About the product

Movie posters are the pioneers of creating visual narratives in the first place — they represent new plots ahead of the premiere. Indeed, serving as a cultural bridge between the spectators and the cinematic experience, posters are destined to distill the essence of a film into a cult. That's why billboards displaying all-time favorite musicals are never late to attract with their artistic details such as fonts, typography compositions, pictures, mimics, and backgrounds. The Movie Posters Collection strives to give the public what they want — unusual graphical storytelling that ensures packed houses and a tease of what might be coming next.

We know a secret that will create hour-long line-ups for your whimsical events drenched in artistic dramatism. Curated and adapted to the classic A4 format, the set includes 12 themed PSD templates — use and adjust the way your soul desires. Your story is worth telling, and so is your presentation: make an authentic picture, insert it inside the template, choose a perfect font, and engage in creation.

What's inside?

  • 12 high-quality PSD files;
  • A4 print size, 300dpi;
  • CMYK color mode;
  • fonts list;
  • help file.

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