Light Leaks Overlays Collection


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Let the summer vibes to your photos! Soft light, playful sun leaks, and the charm of early sunrises were captured in this collection of overlays. 
Exposing the film to the sunbeams used to be a drama a long time ago, but now it's just the other way round! These charming peculiarities set up the nostalgic atmosphere and add a sense of delight — and the collection of 14 light leak overlays will do just the same! They can be mixed and matched to your liking, turning your shots into a real work of art. To send the realism even higher, the overlays are delivered with different noise and dust textures, imitating the vintage pictures.
This resource is created, and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. For the best experience, we recommend to use the latest Creative Cloud version of the app.
  • Format: PSD, TXT
  • Size: 100 mb