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Button Badge Mockup

11th March 2020
Button Badge Mockup
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Collecting badges was fun in childhood, even if you weren’t a little scout. Everything depended on the image, but now you can design any badge you want with a button badge mockup!

Do you want your badges laying still or epically floating in the air? Take your time to decide that when you make adjustments to the mockup itself (which is, by the way, is a piece of cake thanks to Smart Objects). Add your designs to see it obtaining a realistic metallic gloss on the round edges. Choose the position of your badge between 3 scenes in the set (scenes with flying and laying badges) to enhance its aesthetics! This mockup would be a cute nice option to use when you decide to showcase a logotype, illustration, maybe a crafted texture or pattern. You can have as many badges as you want!

Size:104 mb
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