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Free Textures

What assets can be more useful for a graphic designer that high-resolution textures? Our team is happy to offer you the best hand-picked resources from our textures collection.

20 June 2017

We’re proud and happy to bring you precious and beautiful marble textures, embodied in all possible colors of these high-resolution textures - a great addition to your toolbox!

23 May 2017

We’re amazed to bring more space enigma to your artworks. Indeed inspired by plasma, washing the land of an enigmatic planet, these backgrounds will not leave your followers indifferent.

3 294
8 May 2017

Meet the textures, that are as multifaced, as the Rorschach test is. Though they are simple, they're meant to be something special, something unique for everyone who looks at them.

3 750
7 April 2017

Let us take you to the parallel universe and show the colors and textures to make you feel like a space pathfinder, trying to figure out, what this weird material is about.

Pixelbuddha Plus

Weekly updates bringing the best design resources to boost up your workflow.

Discover Plus
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20 February 2017

Be sure to have these 4 magnetic textures, bringing the smell of wettish paint and the luster of marble to the artworks you've been bearing in your mind up to now.

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23 January 2017

Download a set of 6 abstract painting textures that would be a great addition to your toolbox. Masterly crafted and fully editable, these vector assets are perfect for your next project.

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1 September 2016

We love literally everything about artistic design style! And today's freebie brings eight beautiful high-res painting textures you should have by the hand. Get these essential resources right now!