Pixelbuddha Plus: How We Once Made It Real

April 12, 2018

Our Pixelbuddha Plus celebrates its first anniversary, and we believe it's the right occasion to bring back some key points of the Beta year.

In April our Pixelbuddha Plus premium membership celebrates its first anniversary, and we all believe it's the right occasion to bring back some key points of the Beta year and share them with you.

Frankly, in the beginning, it wasn't as smooth as the one may think, but still, we're over-satisfied with the results and today's Plus makes us more than just happy. So, before we start reflecting, our team would really love to thank you for being with us, for trying and using the membership as well as for your invaluable feedback and honesty. We love you so much!

A bit of Plus philosophy

Pixelbuddha Plus is a membership program launched in April 2017 and doomed to deliver an extra number of premium quality design resources per week. At a moderate price ($10 per month and $59 per year) the one could get unlimited access to super rare, hand-picked products from the greatest creatives worldwide.

Pixelbuddha Plus membership plans — pick the one you like best

Here comes your question 'Aren't all Pixelbuddha freebies of supreme quality?' And they actually are. We've always cared about how well the products are made and how much you need this or that item. But along with that we strongly desired to bring you true design diamonds, which would never be provided by authors as a regular freebie. And here, starving to embrace your expectations and needs from one side and the creatives' interest from another we've come to an understanding that premium membership is a solution, and Pixelbuddha Plus was born.

First reaction

I can still remember the excitement in the office once PIxelbuddha Plus was launched. It took us months to get prepared for it, and the day, when the new service was introduced to the community meant a lot to everyone in the team.

However, you know, the reaction was mixed. From one hand we had to deal with tons and tons of technical bugs while adapting our website to a new service. From another, for our customers, who had always known Pixelbuddha as a freebie blog, getting the paid subscription seemed weird and unfair, and we totally saw their point. We got tons of comments and emails from the confused customers — and it's the thing we're really thankful for today.

With your honest feedback, we've come to an understanding what Plus should be like and started building it to bring you a project you would be pleased with. Time has passed, and negative comments are now replaced with the positive ones, so now we know we've taken the right path.

Tons of features including regular give-aways & providing you with super rare products

The point we've realized thanks to you is that Pixelbuddha freebie blog and Pixelbuddha Plus are to be brought simultaneously and deliver an equal amount of design resources of supreme quality — and it's only you who can decide which option to take (or just pick both). So today each of them has its own days for product publications, and we regularly bring 2 lovely items as regular freebies and 2 lovely items for the membership, and we do believe it's fair ?

Plus today

It's always nice to draw a conclusion, but it's even nicer to tell positive things while doing that. So, first and foremost, our product library has significantly grown and includes over 100 admirable products — and, of course, we will never stop here, so be sure to get more and more top-class items in the Plus section.

Over 100 design resources from dozens of unbeatable creatives worldwide

We've brought you tons of unique, vibrant works of such great creatives as Creatsy, Guerillacraft, Swistblnk Design Std, Creative Veila, Milka, MiksKS, Polar Vectors, Favete Art, etc — and we intend to extend the list, as there are still so many outstanding designers to meet and discover.

We make great gifts monthly, presenting our subscribers with unique products from our partners and our team for free. And we're going to get you even more surprises soon — we've so many creative ideas to bring to life, just give us some time!

Feedback wanted

We might have put some inspiring lines here, but we're really excited and interested to know what you think and feel. So, please, feel free to let us know what you like/dislike about Plus. Also, feel free to tell us what kind of products the project lacks, and we'll do our best to provide you with them.

And yeah, thank you for being Pixelbuddha. Love you all.

written by

Ksenia Pedchenko

Ksenia is our Audience and Plus membership curator. Getting in touch with Pixelbuddha? The possibility you’re talking to Ksenia is extremely high. Also, Ksenia is a regular author in the Pixelbuddha Journal, where she shares fresh news of the industry.