Classic Halftone Photoshop Action

The Internet became an integral part of our lives long ago, and since then it’s getting harder to keep up with what is considered stylish. Every day new trends are popping up here and there, and this whirlwind isn’t easy to catch up with. If you feel lost in this race, the immortal classics is going to be your lifeline! And this halftone Photoshop action is a striking example of such style.
The endless artistic options are waiting for you in this action! Try out the 10 halftone effects and see how different the same design will look with them. You can also add one or couple of 30 duotone gradients and create unique combinations, complementing your art. And the icing on the cake are adjustable patterns, that leave you so much room for experiments. I gotta beware you, though, — the workflow will be easy and enjoyable, but choosing among all these creative options won’t be simple!
What’s inside?
  • high-quality action;
  • 10 halftone effects;
  • 30 duotone gradietns;
  • adjustable patterns;
  • video instruction.


This resource is created, and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. For the best experience, we recommend to use the latest Creative Cloud version of the app.

Following the vibrant trends may be fun, but sometimes all you want is some simplicity and calmness. Let the classics make your design shine with this Photoshop action!



  • Format ATN, GRD, PAT
  • File size 13 MB
Standard License
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