When we talk about premium quality, we mean it. We’re at Pixelbuddha put all our expertise and skills in these design resources to deliver the highest quality and impressive variety.

Premium design goods

When we talk about premium quality, we mean it. We’re at Pixelbuddha put all our expertise and skills in these design resources to deliver the highest quality and impressive variety.

Scissors Wizard: Paper Cutout Effect by Pixelbuddha

Scissors Wizard: Paper Cutout Effect

There's a chance to celebrate the inner child by crafting adorable paper cut-out collages! You get a supply of 18 layer style effects, paired with 12 realistic paper textures to get into the paper world.

Neon Negative Photo Effect

Something good is cooking up in this darkroom — the intricate film processing with 5 negative photo effects and 35 gradients has begun! We added a special chemical to carry out glowing neon shots.
Galactic Chrome Text Styles by Pixelbuddha

Galactic Chrome Text Styles

Complete a space-themed design or tell a sci-fi story with 12 chrome text effects, breathing with futuristic and vintage vibes all at once.
Glitter Effects Collection by Pixelbuddha

Glitter Effects Collection

Glitter speckles are shining brighter than diamonds in our new glitter effects full of realistic shadow overlays, shining sparkly textures and editable elements!
Vintage Postcard Photo Effect by Pixelbuddha

Vintage Postcard Photo Effect

Greetings from the Pixelbuddha team and our immense nostalgia yearning, expressed via vintage postcard photo effects! Get goosebumps watching 6 retro styles converting a picture into a genuine retro piece.
Displaced Distortion Text Effects by Pixelbuddha

Displaced Distortion Text Effects

Prepare to explore all sides of artistic distortion and see how aesthetically grunge it can be! You will have 8 high-quality text effects and 8 displacement maps to experiment with.
Acid Pixel Art Effect by Pixelbuddha

Acid Pixel Art Effect

The only thing that’s surely much easier than developing a game is crafting a pixelated version of yourself with this vintage, 8bit photo effect for Photoshop. Comes with extra gradients and patterns!
Oil Painting Photo Effect by Pixelbuddha

Oil Painting Photo Effect

The next impressionistic masterpiece is going to be delivered with a photo effect for Photoshop, artistically switching an ordinary image into a vibrant, strokes-covered oil painting.
Screen Flicker Photo Effect by Pixelbuddha

Screen Flicker Photo Effect

The technology seeks for realistic video quality, but the heart beats faster when watching the old shows with static noise. Rewind the reality to cozy moments of your childhood with a special photo effect!
Melting Illusion Text Effects by Pixelbuddha

Melting Illusion Text Effects

Echoing experimental techno beats and glitchy production tricks got captured in intricate synthwave psychedelic text effects! Get attracted to grunge textures, acidic colors, and unexpected shapes.
45 Photoshop Effects Bundle by Pixelbuddha

45 Photoshop Effects Bundle

Infinite creativity comes in 45 photo effect variations. Choose where they'll teleport you: to the 90s with the glitch distortion, the 2010s with tech-inspired style, or wherever else!
Glitch Matrix Photoshop Effect by Pixelbuddha

Glitch Matrix Photoshop Effect

Isn't it the time to get your images and editorial more neon and tech? Rewire the habitual perception of graphics with pumping electro beats, morphed into glitch photo effects!
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