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Social Media Templates

Re-discover the power of social media with our masterly crafted templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. All purposes possible featured — from Christmas to big summer sale. All styles you love are included — from Asian aesthetics to classic and simple designs. Yet the outcome these social media templates are here for is always permanent: tons of likes and shares to your posts

21 February 2018

Whether you love simple & clean design, there’re always days of absolute color thirst, where you hunt for vibrancy and joy — and here we are with a super huge social media kit for your Instagram!

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12 February 2018

What can be more inspiring than Japanese street fashion? Lovingly explored, digitized and structured, it is here to imbue your social media via a set of 12 fascinating PSD templates.

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15 December 2017

Not a single word about the power of social media — just about the vibrancy a good template can bring to a common post. So be ready to make your profile glitter with our Christmas templates.

Pixelbuddha Plus

Weekly updates bringing the best design resources to boost up your workflow.

Discover Plus
21 November 2017

Meet clean & light social media kit to shore up gained positions of your brand, and bring it to the high summits, any entrepreneur would be fully delighted with.

24 October 2017

Great designs matter a lot, but we’re hungry for more! Discover the power of animation for your Instagram embodied in 12 awesome templates and embrace pure creativity and vibrancy.

10 October 2017

Hey, Instagram addicts, great news for you! Discover a set of 52 unique masks to add some geometry or abstraction to your profile and get ready to ‘collect’ likes!

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21 August 2017

If you have no Instagram account yet, it’s the right moment to give it a start with our Instagram PSD stories templates – fully customizable, they’re gonna give your creativity a fresh breath.