Shadow Play Photo Overlays Part Two

Every creation of nature is beautiful, don't waste a moment ignoring its tremendous excellence! Allow the world around to show you something truly magnificent yet so simple if you think about it. Like the last sunbeam of a golden hour, the fallen leaf whirling in the air, or the crooked branch looking like a forest crown. Got a little carried away here as we did? Then you'll totally enjoy this second edition of Shadow Photo Overlays and let the poetic mood overtake you.

We've hunted down each and every single one of these 16 shadow overlays with our Canon camera, to eventually put them into your own umbra treasure chest. You'll recognize some indoor decor, casting shadows of blinds, doorways, plants, tender rainbow surface reflections — anything we could find in the office and encapsulate in the PSD file. You'll be surprised how a simple shadow overlay can significantly change the scene's perception, making it more realistic and aesthetically-appealing.

What’s inside?

  • 16 shadow overlays;
  • 4500x3000 px, 300 dpi;
  • tons of natural sunlight;
  • help file.
You'll totally enjoy this second edition of Shadow Photo Overlays and let the poetic mood overtake you.



  • Format PSD, PDF
  • Size 1.2 GB
Standard License
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