Suno Magazine Mockup Kit

It’s barely impossible to imagine an impressing showcasing of a brand new design without a proper mockup. They can be of any kind, like stationery, garment, interior pieces, daily use objects — just pick the one, able to present your creation from its best side. If you don’t have time to choose from this variety or just can’t pick something specific, we may offer you this superb Magazine Mockup Kit.

This is the most suitable variant for barely any type of design product you’d love to demonstrate. We made it look not only as realistic as possible but also embraced the aesthetics of outdoor nature life. You can almost feel the light breeze following the tree leaves and twigs with their shadows dropping down to the magazine. Everything appears more vivacious with a special collection of shadow overlays and backgrounds selected to fit the genuine look. Choose, literally, any purpose of use and it’ll suit it — social media posts, portfolio presentation, texture or pattern display, creating illustrations gallery.

What’s inside?

  • US letter, A4 and square magazine formats;
  • 3 PSD files for each format;
  • 8 premade scenes;
  • cover & spread;
  • 12 shadow overlays;
  • 12 backgrounds;
  • help file.
If you can’t pick something specific from this variety of stationery mockups, we may offer you this superb Magazine Mockup Kit.



  • Format PSD, PDF
  • Size 2.7 Gb
Standard License