Chroma Gradient Shapes Collection

Incorporating these soft gradient shapes into your designs is akin to painting with tranquil elegance. The color palettes exude versatility, allowing you to craft designs that radiate a sense of calm and balance. It's the perfect antidote to the chaos of the digital world, offering a serene refuge for your artistic visions.
Our shapes collection comprises 6 different sets, each offering its unique charm. First, there's Amber, featuring warm yellow and orange shades reminiscent of a sunset's gentle embrace. Blossom embodies the delicate beauty of sakura pink, while Chroma gracefully blends shades of purple, red, and blue. Holographic offers a vivid mix of pink, blue, and purple, creating an enchanting visual experience. Lilac enchants with soft, soothing shades of purple, and Marine brings forth the calming blues of the ocean. This comprehensive set includes 36 PNG files and 6 PSD files, complete with a noise option, providing you with an arsenal of creative possibilities to bring your visions to life.
What’s inside?
  • 6 different shapes collections;
  • 36 high-quality PNG files,
  • 5000x5000px;
  • 6 high-quality PSD files;
  • 5000x5000px, 300dpi;
  • noise option.
This shapes set is a symphony of sophistication and serenity that will undoubtedly captivate designers and creators alike. Its gentle, calming aura will soothe the creative soul!



  • Format PNG, PSD
  • File size 2583 MB
Standard License