Fluid Gradient: Background Textures Bundle

What do you think of when speaking of the most useful design tool? As for us, it is textures! And it’s hard to argue with it: they can be applied to any artwork and give it a whole new character: posters, greeting cards, postcards and many more. It can be a background or just a small detail that makes the image complete. So, why not arm yourself with a whole bundle of various textures?
There are 4 textures sets in this bundle, that will blow your mind with their charm, uniqueness and, of course, versatility. Such a huge pack of over 140 assets will certainly inspire you on conquering new design heights! Moreover, it provides many additional features: grain overlay options, different color schemes, gradients and more. Take your time and explore them all!
We've captured all the magnetism of polymorphism in this collection of 20 textures. Hoping these textures will become the very missing element to crown your project, we've made them high-resolution and provided in two formats, JPG and PSD. Also, for those who want to grasp some ephemeral vibe or make the image slightly distorted, we've added 3 overlays — consider them teeny-tiny particles of dust or scratches on the film!
Make all 44 gradient textures respond to every appeared idea as the equalizer light of a music speaker synchronizes with a played music. Opt for a more noir impression with 12 black & white textures, praising monochrome, storm-like dusty surface. Crop them, resize, change transparency and combine them together — the high resolution allows exploring all the sides these mysterious images carry.
We took the liberty of experimenting with colors to the extent that unique 45 gradient textures were born. The dark, vivid, and soft palettes are included to meet any project's requirements. The main product version is boosted with noise overlays — after all, the space dust has not been canceled. Whether you decide to operate with premade textures or feel adventurous enough to make some adjustments, the choice is yours: JPG and PSD files are all set.
Bright colors, smooth lines combined with sharp shade contrast — these 32 bright textures are built on well-balanced opposites, making your heart beat faster. Each of them comes in clean & noise versions, that will allow you to create both edgy and more classic projects. The archive also provides 3 gradients and 3 dust overlays. Of course, they work well separately, but their real power shows up when you combine them together.            
A whole bundle of hypnotizing textures is what you need for your next project! Well-balanced color mixes and intriguing shapes — this pack has it all to give your artworks a new life.



  • Format GRD, JPG, PSD
  • File size 18 MB
Standard License