Pop Art Halftone Photo Effect

Pop Art Halftone Photo Effect
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It seems like halftones have been with us forever since the Big Bang and Сleopatra's reign. Or at least since the 80s — as their distinct pop art vibes were our primary source of inspiration for this photo effect.

Polka dot print is almost a calling card of the 80s — much like shoulder pads and neon makeup. And there could be no better design use for these iconic dots than becoming a halftone. It comes as a couple of high-resolution PSD files (vertical and horizontal) with adjustable halftone size. Magazines, posters, and prints are the best projects to host the effect and absorb its nostalgic look — you can also use them as packaging or branding elements. 

This resource is created, and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. For the best experience, we recommend to use the latest Creative Cloud version of the app.

  • Format: PSD
  • Size: 313 mb