Retro Cooper — Vintage Bold Script

Retro Cooper — Vintage Bold Script
R e t r o C o

Retro Cooper — Vintage Bold Script

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Do you mind if we liken this ultimately elegant font to Chevrolet, the legend of the 1950s? Retro Cooper is worth a vintage collection, but it's here, ready to become your typographic workhorse from the fanciest design decade.

We've featured hundreds of retro fonts, but our library lacks fancy 1950s-1960s fonts for some reason. Let's fix that. Meet Retro Cooper, an authentic display script that would fit both a new French movie poster and a nostalgic t-shirt. It features a complete set of characters, no compromises. Plus, there are symbols, punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. Last but definitely not least, you'll have 5 alternates for each letter to play with their ascenders, descenders, spurs, and tails.

  • Format: OTF, TTF
  • Author: Bale Type
  • Size: 1 mb