Don’t Miss Out On These Deals From MeridianThemes

May 18, 2017

Smartest people always know how to shop to save. And if you’re one of them, then you’re going to love MeridianThemes. We already do.

Everyone loves saving money. While most people rush to buy a new iPhone or iPad, taking every spare moment to read about its release technical features and multiple reviews, smart people patiently wait for a mobile career to offer a sweet deal for the phone.

Okay, if you’re like those smart folks who are constantly looking for ways to save money, then you’re going to love MeridianThemes. We already do.

What Is MeridianThemes?

MeridianThemes is a new and an exceptional WordPress themes marketplace that offers a curated collection of fine WordPress themes built specifically for businesses, creatives, and professionals. Their carefully picked handcrafted themes selection is what separates them from the rest.

If you’re looking for a great WordPress theme with a unique design, why don’t you start your search by browsing MeridianThemes, ‘cause you probably won’t find themes like this anywhere else.

The site also features a Hot Deals section, which you should better keep bookmarked because this page gets occasionally updated with good deals and coupons for saving money on the best-like (or best-wanted, who knows?) services and products.

Maybe your dream of checking out a few deals right away and don’t have a clue what to start with? That’s why we’re here!


WPEngine is a popular web hosting provider that offers managed hosting services for WordPress websites. The company serves over 500,000 websites, including such companies as Yelp, Asana, AMD, and National Geographic.

MeridianThemes has a sweet deal that allows you to get 5 months of web hosting free of charge when you pay for a full year of hosting. Or you can get 30% OFF of your first purchase. Or just use WPEngine coupon to get 60% off (that’s the smartest solution


We know no web hosting company that does customer service better than Siteground which is also well-known for offering super-fast hosting for WordPress websites as well as its user-friendly interface, so you don’t need any cosmic skills to give it a go.

You have a chance in a million to get web hosting from Siteground at 60% OFF with MeridianThemes. Just remember to use their link when you sign up for Siteground to get the discount.


Whether you’re building a small portfolio site, a business site, or something big like a social network, A2 Hosting is a platform that has web hosting plans for everyone. A2 Hosting also offers a special hosting plan that provides 20 times faster loading speeds for your website.

If you use the special coupon code provided by MeridianThemes at the A2 Hosting checkout, you’ll be able to save 51% off of your purchase and spend it on something important. When did you invite your sweet for a coffee last, btw?

40% OFF InMotion

InMotion is well-known for its BoldGrid website builder, which allows you to create unique websites all by yourself quite easily using its drag-and-drop editor. It will help you save a lot of money you usually spend on web designers.

Along with this smart constructor, you may have any InMotion hosting plan you choose with 40% off - just use the MeridianThemes coupon code at checkout for the discount.

Smartest people always know how to shop to save, whether it’s at the mall or online, and it’s a great skill, we’d say (for you to know, we’re passionate fans of various handy bundles and special offers, too). Basically, you just have to know where to look to get the right deals - and MeridianThemes is one of this places for treasure (sorry, discount) hunt.

written by

Ksenia Pedchenko

Ksenia is our Audience and Plus membership curator. Getting in touch with Pixelbuddha? The possibility you’re talking to Ksenia is extremely high. Also, Ksenia is a regular author in the Pixelbuddha Journal, where she shares fresh news of the industry.  

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