Still Don’t Benefit From Your Social Media? Time to Go Viral!

August 03, 2016

Today it's impossible to imagine a coffee-shop, an online store or a marketplace that can't be liked, followed or pinned. Let's talk about social media!

We live in a time when it's impossible to imagine a coffee-shop, an online store or a marketplace that can't be liked, followed or pinned. I'm talking about social networks, of course. Running a business means having profiles on Facebook and Twitter (at least), which is supposed to help you reach more people and potential customers.

In practice, it's not as easy as it may look. To take a good photo, add branding elements and colors, place copy on the photo — to stand out — those are challenges even for a designer, not to mention a business owner who does not have time to dig into these technicalities. However, having an SMM budget that is close to zero doesn't mean your Instagram or Twitter profile can't look fantastic and bring you new followers and customers on a regular basis.

Today, more and more creative authors, small online shop owners, and other indie product makers are trying out trendy, ready-made, and easy-to-use social media templates. This is very understandable since there is no more convenient way to ramp up your social profile with almost no extra expense.

After realizing how useful these resources can be, we instantly decided to craft a kit that would help people to make their work with social media not only much easier but also more effective! That's how our Social Media Booster Kit has appeared. A product including 15 templates designed natively for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Each of them is easy to edit and customize; all you have to do is replace images with your artwork via Smart Objects and add your copy. That’s it!

We did our best to make it a really useful tool for as vast an audience as possible: popular fonts combinations, common layouts, and trending background textures. It literally fits almost any indie creator from lifestyle bloggers to local stores.

The results overcame all our expectations, and the feedback was fantastic. Besides, we realised that we could deliver so much more beautiful templates! Shortly after, we launched the Social Media Booster Kit 2 entirely focused on the product marketing.

We took an entirely new visual concept as a basis: vibrant colors, bold geometric accents, simple shapes, and patterns — everything you need to run actually interesting and creative promo campaigns. This decision, to go further and use a completely different typographic and visual approach for this product, was made consciously. First of all, we wanted to give our customers the variety to implement all their creative ideas. Besides that, where is the fun in releasing one set after another with no significant difference between them? :D

Today, we’re happy to announce that Social Media Booster Kit 3 has arrived, and it's bringing an elegance and classy style into your product marketing! The winning combination of the deep blue color, rich typography, and original grids are intended to help you to stand out from the crowd with simple yet incredibly stylish social media posts.

As always, the set includes 15 templates designed natively for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and we sincerely believe it’s able to boost your social profiles. Don't waste your time, go viral!

written by

Greg Lapin

Greg Lapin is a UI/UX Designer and a co-founder of Pixelbuddha project. You've certainly seen his work if you familiar with our website, but for a closer look you can check out Greg's Dribbble and Behance profiles.

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