Way To The Top: Practical Tools To Reach It

August 10, 2017

Meet our handpicked tools to overcome the difficulties a designer may come across at dawn of his career or on his way to self-development.

All of us once felt green and trembling while giving a new stage of our life a go. So many questions we asked ourselves, so many doubts stood like Everest, blocking our way to the job of our dream.
Ex-engineers, psychologists and economists, we were too much fresh-blood, among design sharks, looking at us hungrily. One thoughtless action – and you're desperately lost.

Now it's different. But we don’t wish you that hard way to the top, so many young, yet so talented designers and studios used to have. Basically, no matter whether you're a newbie here, or you already know what's what, it's always better than anything to have some fine and top-effective courses or something to raise or acquire skills, get inspired or receive adequate feedback. That's all the lines-to-come will be about.

Online Classes

If you haven't entered any course, it's probably high time to do it. Sure, maybe you feel like having eaten a dog in UI, illustration or something, but no area remains permanent. All the skills you call up-to-date in a few clicks of all-mighty industry's leaders turn into an archaism. Consequently, SELF-DEVELOPMENT is a key-word of your career. Where to go?

First, there is Tuts+ – a smart platform, ultimately user-friendly, so it won't take a lifetime to have it now on and running. One of the best its features is learning guides – thousands of tutorial articles on design, illustration, web design, 3d and motion design. The guides are free and may embrace both the basis you need to start and some innovations of the industry to keep on going up.
The subscription provides you with full access to all courses ever possible – just sit and watch – eBooks and, what makes it dangerously priceless, unlimited downloads from Envato Elements. In a nutshell – you'll discover what to do, how to act and the tools for further operations.

Secondly, there is Skillshare with an even wider choice of courses, successfully reaching culinary, film and business – though we still care about design most. But who may say for certain ;)

The best thing we totally adore about Skillshare is its personalization. Once you've made the first step, you are offered a range questions to answer. A little magic and from then on no odd stuff, no content you're not interested in - only relevant stuff you've picked at the start. And a trial free month as a bonus.

What makes Tuts+ and Skillshare obviously similar is the workflow organization – you're guided by skilled and experienced curators, do your tasks, communicate with other students and get feedback on your projects to take it in consideration and progress.


While blogging as an online literature genre has its day, it gets too hard to pick something high-quality in this versatility. Many fine stand-alone bloggers tend to join Skillshare or something – like tutors and lectors, of course. But such platforms still can't replace greatest creatives with their own stories and lifehacks.

What to do? Where to run? Here are the ones we passionately follow and recommend you to join us:

  • Chris Spooner – a blogger with fan-tas-tic tutorials, articles and video lessons for graphic designers making complicated things obvious;
  • Creative Market Blog – a blog from your best-loved design marketplace, covering…how to say…everything! Absolutely everything, starting with 'How To' stuff to inspiring creative products selections - so along with clear directions you get the idea, what to craft to strike the top.
  • Iconfinder Blog – a blog, embracing tons (that's the word!) of insights, articles, and tutorials. 'What's the feature?’ You may ask. It also provides you with interviews with the greatest creatives of the industry – and it's sometimes the best kick-start and the best guide to do it right and keep on moving anyway.
  • UX Planet and UXdesign.cc – we're keen on UI/UX design, and it would be improper to leave these blogs in the cold. Interested or do it professionally? That's your must-have then!

Social Networks

We shall not discover the universe, having brought you BehanceDribbble or Pinterest. No need to twist a finger at a temple.

Everything we're to remind you of is that along with constant inspiration and creative process sharing matters even more sometimes. If you ignore this point, how will people know your name, how will you (and that point is far worse to ignore) realize if you act right or wrong? If your projects rock the audience or you'd better change something about them? Your products, work in progress, feedback from the colleagues or potential clients happen to give as much as tutorials and self-perfection you're for.


Is that all? Sure, it's not. Our team is convinced there's no bigger universe than the one of design industry – full of great authors and projects, educational platforms, gigabytes pure inspiration – brushed, watercolor, monochrome, textured. And there're even greater sources you personally love – and we'd love to check them out, too! So, don't hesitate, leave your ideas, and, who knows, may be it will be you, who's gonna discover another site we'll love that desperately.

And in the meanwhile… eat, learn, design!

written by

Ksenia Pedchenko

Ksenia is our Audience and Plus membership curator. Getting in touch with Pixelbuddha? The possibility you’re talking to Ksenia is extremely high. Also, Ksenia is a regular author in the Pixelbuddha Journal, where she shares fresh news of the industry.