HUD Hologram Photoshop Action

Please note, that the action works only with Adobe Photoshop 2023 and newer versions. If you aren’t familiar with actions, you can use HUD Hologram Photo Effect.

Picture this: as you apply the action, your photos pulsate with a distinct sci-fi aura that takes you back to the iconic 90s era when futuristic fashion ruled the scene. The HUD Hologram effect effortlessly channels the nostalgia of retro video games, evoking memories of pixelated adventures and immersive virtual worlds. With every image you enhance, you'll experience the thrill of a neon-soaked cyber realm right at your fingertips.
For designers seeking to elevate their creative prowess, the HUD Hologram Photoshop Action is an indispensable asset. This high-quality .atn file, optimized for 4000x4000px resolution, empowers you with 3 distinct HUD interface sizes and a versatile palette of 6 vibrant colors. Whether you're crafting retro-themed projects that demand a touch of yesteryear or embarking on futuristic sci-fi endeavors, this action is your passport to a world where design knows no boundaries. 
What’s inside?
  • high-quality action (.atn);
  • 3 hud interface size options;
  • 6 colors;
  • video tutorial.
The hologram Photoshop action effortlessly transforms your pictures into a mesmerizing cyberpunk experience, radiating with futuristic charm and edgy aesthetics.



  • Format ATN
  • File size 20 MB
Standard License